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Do you desire to become a pilot or you just want to fly? You do not know how? Come to us and discover the world from high above.

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Are you from Slovakia? We offer our services at the Trnava – Boleráz airfield.

The reason why to choose Blue Sky Service?

Friendly environment

Despite the number of services offered we act as one family.


Our team is built up of experienced pilots and specialists. Most of  our pilots have many years of experience.

The price of the training

Unlike many other schools we do not charge  for the  time from starting the engine. We only charge for real flight time. For example during PPL(A) training you can thus save money for approximately 8 hours!

Extraordinary experience and expertise

We are the only company that operates jet trainer L-29 and a wide range of airplanes and helicopters. We also have our own aerobatic airplane.


Being based at an international airport we can fly throughout the year, including weekends (unlike companies based at grass airports).


Our work is regularly inspected by the Civil Aviation Authority. In the past 10 years there has never been found any significant problems during an audit.

Za minulý rok jsme nalétali:

Flight hours with airplanes
Flight hours with helicopters
Flight hours with microlights

I want to be pilot!

If you dream of becoming a professional pilot or just want to get a private pilot license , we will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions. Visit us at the airport in Brno – Tuřany and familiarize yourself not only with our facilities, but also with the staff that will provide your training.

How to start with a pilot training?

Are you planning to start a pilot training and do not know how ? You will find some basic information below.

The first important decision to make is the selection of a training course, ie . whether you want to learn to fly a helicopter , an airplane, or a microlight aircraft . This decision will influence the selection of your flight training school . Not all  flight schools offer full range of courses or are able to offer the desired type of airplane or helicopter to the customer. Prior to making the decision which pilot training school to attend , I recommend you to visit the school in person and look at the facilities and equipment that the school uses for their practical training  and of course ask a lot of additional questions about things you want to know.

Prior to the training itself you need to complete:

  1. Medical examination at the Institute of Aviation Medicine , Prague (
  2. The test for obtaining the Radiotelephonist licence at the Czech Telecommunication Office (
  3. Fundamentals of Theory ( 9 subjects)
  4. The technical parametres of the aircraft  which you will be learning to fly
  5. Ground flight preparation for each flight exercise

What pilot training should I choose?

Would you like to have the possibility to land in your backyard, fly to work or to a meeting? Then the helicopter private pilot license is what you are looking for. The advantage is that a helicopter can  land outside an airport.

Do you want to learn to fly an airplane? Join the training to obtain the aeroplane private pilot license.

If  you are a fan of recreational flying in the Czech Republic , you can train to fly a microlight aircraft.

The procedure to obtain a pilot's license:

  1. Complete at least  45 hours of flight time
  2. Successfully pass the theory test ( 9 subjects ) at the Civil Aviation Authority ( )
  3. Successfully pass the final practical test with an examiner

What our clients say:

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