About us

Blue Sky Service

Our company Blue Sky Service , Ltd. was established in 2003 to provide services for a wide range of people interested in aviation.

The expertise and enthusiasm of the founders is backed by years of experience in aviation. We  primarily focus on the safety and reliability of our services. We build our business on a fair basis.

The gradual penetration into other segments of air services leads to the development of Blue Sky Service, Ltd. into a stable and strong company, always willing to meet your individual requirements.

Thank you for your confidence.


Our Team

Ing. Jakub Jasaň

Chief Operating Officer

tel. +420 777 701 788

Lukáš Veselý

Pilot Instructor, Helicopter Operations

tel. +420 777 965 746

Michal Veselý

Flight and Technical Operations

Ing. Pavel Veselý

Flight Director and Demonstration Pilot of L-29

Ing. Pavel Veselý ml.

Pilot Instructor and Demonstration Pilot of L-29

Ing. Antonín Lenert

Pilot Instructor