Type Rating Training for Helicopters – TR(H)

Type Rating Training for Helicopters – TR(H)

For all those who want to extend their skills and want to fly a different type of helicopter, we can offer an approved type training -we currently offer training for helicopters Robinson R-22, R-44 and Bell 206, 407.

Unlike with airplanes it  is required to have a special qualification for every type of helicopter . The length of the training program  then varies depending on the selected type.

Length of Training

The type rating training for  R-22 and R-44 helicopters consists of 5 hours of flight training.

For  Bell (206/407) helicopters, the length of the training depends on whether the candidate has a  SET (H) qualification for single-engine turbine helicopters – in this case, the type rating training consists of  2 flight hours. Otherwise, the  flight  training consists of 5 flight hours.

Entry Requirements
18 years of age
Medical certificate Class 1 or Class 2
PPL(H) or CPL(H) licence

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