Try what it is like to be a pilot

Try what it is like to be a pilot

The company Blue Sky Service offers a product called Try what it is like to be a pilot. You will spend a pleasant day at Brno-Tuřany airport. This experience takes  approximately 2 hours.

For the price listed below you will:

  • get a short tour of the airport
  • get familiar with the technical parameters of a material part of Zlin airplane or Robinson R-22 helicopter
  • pre-flight briefing with an instructor
  • a one-hour introductory flight under the supervision of an instructor, during which you        will try to control an airplane or helicopter  (you will try a rectilinear flight, turns, a      short  navigational flight , flying on the circuit, landing)
  • de-briefing

Try what is like to be a pilot” product is designed for both individuals and groups. The maximum number is 8 people/day. For a group of  3 or more people we offer  8% discount.

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Price List ,,Try what it is like to be a pilot”
Robinson R-22 Helicopter
1 hour of flying 13 300 CZK
30 minutes of flying 7 900 CZK
Zlin Z-42 Airplane
1 hour of flying 9 500 CZK
30 minutes of flying 5 800 CZK

Prices include airport taxes and VAT.