The Flight Instructor for Airplanes – FI(A)

The Flight Instructor for Airplanes – FI(A)

For all pilots who are already experienced, there is an opportunity to pass their experience on trainee pilots. To do this, however, the Flight Instructor qualification is required.

Length of Training

The training has two major components – a theoretical part and flight training. Theoretical course contains 100 hours of lectures + 25 hours of the applicant’s teaching practice under supervision.

The practical part of the training includes 30 hours of flight time.

Entry Requirements
18 years of age
1. or 2. Class Medical Certificate
CPL(A), ATPL(A) or PPL(A) licence + certificate of completing a CPL(A) theory test, 200 hours of total flight time, of which min. 150 hours as a pilot in command
Completion of a navigational flight at least 300 NM long (can be completed during the ATO before the start of FI training)
Completion of at least 30 hours flight time on single-engine piston airplanes

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