Trial Lesson in L-29 Delfin Aircraft

Zkušební výcviková lekce letounem L-29 Delfín

Try something completely new and unique – trial lesson in  L-29 aircraft! We enable you to get an unforgettable adrenalin experience  in the clouds in a military training aircraft L-29. This program takes about two hours.


  1. First you’ll change into fighter pilot’s overalls.
  2. You will get familiar with the aircraft and trained in emergency          procedures for leaving the aircraft. This introductory part takes approximately 1 hour.
  3. Pre-flight briefing with experienced fighter pilots (see contacts)
  4. The actual flight
  5. De-briefing after the flight

Dear customers and people interested in flying the L 29 Dolphin airplane

Being that on our website we are trying to inform truthfully about everything that is going on at our company and show you all our airplanes and helicopters and since on various websites these type of flights are offered as” jet fighter flights “, I decided to write a few sentences and give you some explanation.

In the Czech Republic, the aircraft which are used for flying people  interested in unusual adrenaline experience  and are operated by the civil companies are called “jet trainer airplanes“. They were and some still are part of the Air Force. The Czechoslovak and later Czech army used them for comprehensive training of military fighter, fighter – bomber and reconnaissance pilots to gain experience before entering the cabin of a real jet fighter. Examples of such aircraft include L 29 Delfin, L 39 Albatros GALEB, ISKRA, AS 130, ALPHA JET HAWK 100 MB AEROMACCHI-339th

LIGHT COMBAT AIRPLANE is  used for direct fire support of ground troops and for destroing low and slow flying targets. This category includes some jet trainer airplanes and airplanes such as  L 159 or L 159 ALCA.

JET FIGHTER  is used to win air superiority over the enemy, destroying its Air Force, especially in the air, but also on land. We divide them into subsonic and supersonic. Supersonic fighter jets include for example MIG 15, MIG 17, MIG 19, MIG 21, MIG 25, MIG 29, MIG 31, F 4, F 5, F 15, F 16, F 18, F 22, MIRAGE, Gripen fighter.

FIGHTER – BOMBER AIRPLANE  nicknamed the Bomber is an airplane whose mission is to destroy the enemy’s means of nuclear attack,  airports with aircraft, as well as a support of ground troops and bombing the enemy territory. This category includes SU 7, SU 22, SU 24, SU 25, SU 27, MIG-23BN, MIG-27, Tornado, F 4, F 15, etc.

Most of these jet fighter airplanes  are one-seat airplanes, only some have a second seat for a weapon systems operator (SU 30, F 14). Thus, if someone tells you that you are going to fly a fighter, it’s not true. In the best case scenario, you will have to travel to the USA or Russia and you will  pay a lot of money for a ride in a training-combat aircraft.

We can honestly offer you a flight in the  jet trainer L 29 with former fighter pilots with a long-time teaching experience in flying this aircraft, in a pleasant environment of Blue Sky Service, Ltd., located at  Brno – Tuřany airport. It will perfectly satisfy your need for adrenalin.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
Michal Vesely, Managing Director

Flight in the Jet Trainer Airplane L-29 Delfin

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