Private Pilot Licence (Airplanes) – PPL(A)

Private Pilot Licence (Airplanes) – PPL(A)

With a private pilot’s licence you can fly a single-engine piston airplane for private purposes. The licence, which you get after training at our company, is valid throughout the European Union. You can fly not only for your own entertainment, but also take your loved ones on board . With a PPL (A), you can fly during the day in good weather conditions.

If you are considering a further expansion of your skills, you can extend your private license with other qualifications – eg qualification for night flying, instrument flyingaerobatics, or qualification for flying multi-engine airplanes.

Private pilot’s license is also an essential start for future professional pilots – the first step in a career. Unlike private pilots, the future professional pilots have to gradually gain several additional qualifications and after having flown a sufficient number of hours they can train to become commercial pilots.

Length of Training

The course program consists of a total of 45 flight hours. During this time you will learn everything you need to control the aircraft and be able to handle emergency procedures.


In the first 3-4 sessions you will get familiar with the Zlin airplane, do some ground preparation and learn some theory. The next phase involves practical training combined with theory. During the training, theory learning is done largely in the form of self-study, anything that is unclear or any questions you have, is explained and answered in a form of consultation . The exact schedule depends on the weather, individual abilities and time schedule of each student.

Theoretical Training

Theoretical training is an essential part of  each pilot’s training. With regard to your education and experience we will prepare an appropriate program of your theoretical training. During the practical training you can take a theoretical knowledge test at the Civil Aviation Authority at your discretion.

Entry requirements
Students can start the practical training  in the calendar year in which they  reach the age of 16. To fly solo students must be at least 16 years old. The final test can be taken after reaching 17 years of age.
Medical Certificate Class 2

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