Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter) – CPL(H)

Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter) – CPL(H)

Commercial Pilot Licence is intended for professional pilots , it is necessary for commercial flying (ie. it is for those who want to earn money by flying). Commercial Pilot License (along with the appropriate type rating) entitles you to fly as a commander of single-pilot helicopters in commercial air transport.

Length of Training

The training course consists of a total of 30 hours of flight time with an instructor. If you do not have qualifications for night flying, the total training time will be increased by 5 hours.

Vstupní požadavky
18 years of age
Class 1 Medical Certificate
Total flight time of at least 155 hours, including 50 hours as a pilot in command
Proof of completion of the theoretical CPL(H) course or a confirmation of registration in the theoretical course ATPL(H) with having completed at least 50% of lectures at the time of application for practical CPL(H) training.

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