Aerobatics Training on Airplanes

Aerobatics Training on Airplanes

If you are tired of  flying just straight and want to try something more challenging, you can try our training course of  aerobatic flying. During this training, you will learn to safely perform basic aerobatic maneuvers (loops, rolls, turns …) and take the aircraft out of unusual positions.

The Length of Training

According to the regulations the training program must include at least 5 hours of flight time. We know from experience that to master aerobatics skills properly requires more practice, nevertheless, this will depend on the individual  agreement with the instructor. However, 5 hours is the  necessary minimum  required for obtaining the qualification for aerobatic flying.

The Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

During your training you will be provided with the required theoretical background in the following areas:

  • Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics in aerobatic maneuvers
  • Construction and the Strain on Aircraft in aerobatic maneuvers
  • Effect of the G force on the human body
  • Restrictions imposed by reversing the envelope of the aircraft and by flight manual
  • Dealing with emergency situations in flight
  • Using a parachute in emergency

Entry Requirements
18 years of age
Class 2 Medical Certificate

Before you start your training, you must hold a private or commercial pilot licence for airplanes with the appropriate class or type rating (SEP +type rating for Z-142), and have completed at least 40 flight hours as a commander.

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